Homecare Skin Whitening Emulsions

“Age spots are the new wrinkles” – Lately this saying has become more and more popular because the so-called age spots reveal the true age much more than wrinkles. While smile lines and dimples or frowns are expressions of moods and traits and can be very charming, brown spots in one’s own face or on the back of the hand are rather distracting. Studies show that an even complexion is often more attractive and younger than a dark complexion – so-called hyperpigmentation – appearing irregular skin.

Because of this skin care experts now have developed a whitening fluid that reduces both the condition for the development and the intensity of hyperpigmentation.

Targeted against age spots: Intensive care with synergistic active ingredients
New on the market is an innovative skin whitening emulsion, an intensively acting whitening fluid with tyrosinase inhibitor. Tyrosinase is a melanin-stimulating enzyme that is involved in the development of hyperpigmentation. The tyrosinase inhibitor convinces with its synergetic active ingredient arrangement, which brightens existing pigment spots and at the same time inhibits the formation of melanin, thus reducing the formation of new hyperpigmentations:

  • The root extract Boerhavia diffusa reduces the formation and inhibits the release of tyrosinase. Thus melanin formation is reduced, pigment spots are reduced in number and intensity.
  • Hexylresorcinol inhibits the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase so that less melanin is formed. It spreads well in the epidermis.
  • Licorice root extract also inhibits tyrosinase, has an antioxidant effect and reduces inflammatory effects.
  • Coenzyme Q-10 acts as a radical scavenger and protects the skin against oxidative stress, for example through UV-induced damage.
  • A fruit acid complex with glycolic acid and Vitam C stimulates cell renewal and supports the even distribution of melanin in the skin. He also lightens the dye from age spots (lipofuscin). The keratolytic action of the fruit acid helps to clear out pigment nests.

Thus, the skin whitening emulsion reduces hyperpigmentation in number and intensity. The skin gets a more even complexion and looks younger. The combination of the root extract Boerhavia diffusa with hexylresorcinol, both of which inhibit the melanin-stimulating enzyme Tyrosinae in different ways, is unique and therefore a unique selling point of the skin whitening emulsion.

Good to know: causes and different types of hyperpigmentation
Skin areas that are darker than the natural skin color of a person have hyperpigmentation caused by the pigment melanin. Melanin is the most important natural protection of the skin against UV radiation. UV radiation is also a cause of hyperpigmentation; Similarly, medications, hormonal changes, herbal extracts and cosmetics or inflammatory processes such as acne can cause pigmentation disorders. Since the skin whitening emulsion has a whitening and melanin-inhibiting effect, combining it with UV protection is important in its application.

Age spots (Lentigines seniles) are caused by long-term UV exposure; In addition to melanin, lipofuscin – a waste product from cell metabolism – ensures the formation of brown spots. This combination of melanin and lipofuscin makes the successful treatment of age spots difficult. This is where the skin whitening emulsion, with its synergistic combination of active ingredients, starts by reducing both melanin production and, thanks to its antioxidant and brightening effect, lipofuscin.

Chloasma and melasma are brown spots caused by hormone fluctuations or ingestion, especially women. Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation can be the result of local inflammation, such as acne, under UV exposure.

Skin lightening with the homecare skin whitening emulsion

The homecare skin whitening emulsion is suitable for the treatment of age spots (lentigines seniles), chloasma, melasma, postinflammatory and diffuse hyperpigmentation. In addition, it can be used preventively according to aesthetic procedures such as chemical peels and lasers. The watery gel with traces of vegetable oils is pleasant to apply. It is applied in the morning and evening after cleaning on the affected areas or large area and tapped. A possible tingling is due to the fruit acid contained and harmless. An application over a period of at least eight weeks is recommended. In order to optimally exploit the spectrum of action, a period of application of twelve weeks is recommended. If the skin is exposed to UV radiation, in addition, a sunscreen product with a high SPF.