What is a Collagen bed and how can it help my skin?

Red Light Therapy User ReviewA new anti-ageing trend for skin has hit the beauty market – collagen beds.

Popping up all over the world, they are similar to a sunbed but emit red light instead of UV rays.

The theory is that they can boost levels of collagen in the skin making you look younger.  I heard about collagen beds through a friend who tried them for a wedding and had seen really good results.

Here is my review after trying out a new collagen bed for a month:

I went to a local clinic and they explained a little about how the treatment worked. Basically it was like a sunbed but it was beneficial to the skin rather than damaging.

Apparently, the red light that the beds emit was used by NASA scientists to help people in space heal more quickly. All the research suggested it was perfectly safe.

It was just like a sunbed and I stripped off, lay under it and felt a warm glow while the treatment was taking place. It did feel relaxing.

Afterwards, my skin felt plumped and more natural, like I’d had a facial.

I carried on, following the recommendation of three ten-minute treatments each week.

After a week, my wrinkles had nearly gone and the skin on the rest of my body felt better too, more taut. Although I have very little cellulite, I noticed after the red light treatment I barely had any at all.

I’d say that, after two weeks, I really saw a change. Even if I’d had a late night, the lines were still reduced.

I could still move my face and I felt great. My skin was smooth and nourished and the lines round my eyes and on my forehead were less noticeable. This was the most dramatic result I’ve seen from a treatment.

Friends commented on how much younger I looked and I felt fantastic. It only cost a few dollars per session for ten minutes at the salon near to my home so I was thrilled. Having spent a couple of hundres of dollars when I had Botox on my forehead and eyes, I thought it was a much cheaper and healthier alternative.

As a beautician myself, I’ve tried all kinds of facials, microdermabrasion, masks and products that give your skin a short-term lift but this seemed like a much longer-lasting solution.

I think it’s amazing. I’d much rather use the beds than have Botox or surgery.

It may last only a short time but it’s not invasive or painful and, as far as I can see, there are no long-term risks.